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Main goal of Teater TV Studio has always been the import of technological innovations and modern techniques, carrying out their application in projects of different nature conducted along the years. Below a list of our services and projects.

design & application of professional

The main aim of Teater TV Studio since its establishment has been the introduction of modern digital artistic lighting techniques and the appliance of sound systems in the reconstruction of existing theatre stages, as well as new stages that would be built.

Of course the application of these techniques would require the implementation of technical infrastructure.

Since in almost all stages built before the 90 ' existing techniques were very archaic and non-functional, Teater TV Studio during the years 2000' - 2010' has completed the full reconstruction of the technical infrastructure and equipment with complete light and sound systems of a large number of existing theatre stages in Albania.

Teater TV Studio has also successfuly implemented projects on the lighting infrastructure of several national & local tv studios, working closely with International partners in technology and application.


In the activity of Teater TV Studio an important pillar has always been the building of complete artistic lighting and sound infrastructure in night clubs, discos, and other recreational facilities. There are a large number of projects realized in this field.

We have carefully applied modern techniques, aiming to differentiate in form the various implemented projects.

We have applied in these projects modern techniques of digital robotic and static lighting, we have used the optic fiber as a lighting element, etc, applying and aiming to fully integrate the techniques used in lighting, sound and multimedia.

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conference communication, video-conference, simultaneous interpretation

A very important line of work in the activity of Teater TV Studio is the application of conference communication, simultaneous interpretation and video-conference systems. With a large number of projects completed, Teater TV Studio is currently a Leader in the Albanian Market.

Many projects have been completed in university facilities such as meeting halls, conference rooms, libraries, etc. These systems have been applied in public institutions, government facilities, banks, hotels, etc.



Interactive Teaching

We strive to keep the pace of technological progress by currently introducing in our projects the application of interactive teaching systems and solutions for educational facilities.

During the past few years we have applied many projects involving interactive audio-video-projection systems in lecture halls, computer laboratories, digital language labs, Open Source institutional repository solutions for digitizing and preserving Library funds, etc.

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other services

  • Import and trade of musical instruments from the company KAWAI: Upright Piano, Grand Piano, Digital Piano, Stage Piano.

  • Installation of security systems for public and private facilities. We realize complete projects including: Box Camera, Dome Camera, IP Camera, Wireless IP Camera, Spide Dome Camera, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) me dhe pa monitor Onboard, DVR card per PC, etc.

  • Installation of alarm systems for public and private facilities. We apply complete projects including: Wired, wireless, bus Control Panel, PIR detector, Smoke/Gas/Heat/Vibration Detector, Siren, Beam Sensors/ Barriers, Magnet Contact, etc.