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For years we have served our clients with Quality and Professionalism.

Our strong point stands in the methodology of work, in close coordination with the quality of the technology applied. Our projects have proved to resist the pressure of time for their quality and endurance. Our clients have always found in us a partner and reliable co-pilot in their flight towards success.

who we are

Teater TV Studio started its activity in Albania in 1998. The first implemented projects were the main Stage of the Academy of Arts & the experimental theatre “Black Box” at the Faculty of Drama Arts, at the Academy of Arts.

In the beginning of our business career, we aimed and operated mainly in the application of lighting and sound techniques for commercial premises such as night clubs and discos. We have implemented many successful projects in this area, projects that have faced and have successfully resisted the technological innovations and years of use even today.

Over the time, as the demands of the market grew higher, our activity expanded towards the implementation of professional digital lighting and sound, as well as audio-video integrated systems on theatre stages and television studios.

Having healthy business relationships and being aware of the demands and opportunities that the Albanian market had to offer, at the same time being conscious for the partnership that we had in terms of technical support from international companies worldwide, we started to implement complex audio-video multimedia projects, we started to apply conference and video-conference communication systems in public, government and private institutions, etc.

During the past few years we have applied many projects involving interactive audio-video-projection systems in lecture halls, computer laboratories, digital language labs, Open Source institutional repository solutions for digitizing and preserving Library funds, etc.

Always seeking the application of modern standards and with our highly qualified personnel, “Teater TV Studio” has managed to complete more than 20 successful projects in theatre stages all around the country, many other projects in television studios, conference rooms of educational insitutions and universities, as well as about 30 successful commercial projects such as night clubs, discos, etc.

The partnership with well known manufacturing and commercial Companies worldwide has made our works to be top rated, offering security and endurance in the long run.

In 2007 “Teater TV Studio” expanded the range of its services by entering the market of film production and distribution introducing the sub-branch “GED Film Productions”, licensed by the Albanian National Center of Cinematography.

With the highly qualified personnel, successful business partnership & vast audience, “Teater TV Studio” feels well appreciated and further aims to increase the range of services running under the motto:




President of Company

what we accomplish

  • Our completed projects in theatre stages in Albania are models of success and innovation.
  • Teater TV Studio is a pioneer in the implementation of modern techniques in __ night clubs, discos & recreational facilities.
  • In the application of conference and video-conference systems Teater TV Studio is currently Leader in the Albanian market ____ as the company with the greatest number of projects completed in relevance to the Institutions to which the services have been provided, as well as for the nature and quality of work.
  • We strive to keep the pace of technological progress by currently introducing in our projects the application of interactive teaching systems and solutions for educational facilities.